The Whole Desktop - Simple, Fast, and Elegant

The screenshot of the whole desktop. It's simple, lightweight, fast, modern, internationalized, and standard-compliant.

Easy & Fast File Management with PCManFM

The ultimate lightweight and feature-rich file manager with tabs and volume-management support

The file manager can use totally different layout, if you like

LXPanel Provides Everything You Expect For A Desktop Panel

The panel can generate menu for installed applications automatically from *.desktop files

The panel can be configured from GUI preference dialog, and there is no need to edit config files

We also provides a "Run" dialog with autocompletion

Fast and Easy Image Viewing with GPicView

The default image viewer - GPicview features lightening fast startup and intuitive interface

Change Look & Feels with LXAppearance

You can change the theme, icons, and fonts used by applications easily.

Task Manager - LXTask

Lightweight task manager / system monitor.

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